New Media Rules

If there is one thing that is constant in our modern world right now, it is the presence and global influence of technology in every aspect of our lives regardless of what part of the world you live in. You use tech gadgets in your daily life whether for work or leisure. Young or old, you can’t just get enough of whatever technology has to offer. Older people have a hard time catching up with all these new technologies as they become more complex and tedious to do as the days go by. It is why the youth of today has an advantage over this aspect as they grew up at a time when technology is basically a staple in their life and something that is taught extensively at school.

It is important to stay updated with technology because it is constantly evolving. The trend today may already be outdated tomorrow and replaced by something cooler, faster, and more efficient. People who are adept in the new media won’t have a problem looking for work, excelling in school, standing out in a crowd, and essentially navigating this highly digital world we are living in now. You can’t always live in the past, so embrace all these new changes because they will definitely be here for good.

Technology around the world is evolving at an extraordinary rate, making the realm of new media and communication more exciting than ever before.

Media Studies is a truly contemporary subject that plays a significant role in society and our lives. As such, the ability to analyse and study new media is a really great skill to have. Students of new media are equipped for the future, graduating with the technological skills and leadership expertise needed to be effective communicators and global citizens.

Students will learn to work as a team to solve organisational issues, cultivating leadership qualities, integrating business theory, practice and communication. A degree in Creative New Media opens the door to a number of career opportunities after graduation. Independent film making, film and television industries, advertising, marketing and public relations, animation and media design, publishing and journalism are all potential careers, while the skills attained are easily transferable to other employment paths.


In highly progressive cities and countries, the ones with new media skills gets hired or promoted first simply because they would the most effective for the job since they don’t need to be trained as much and can very well work on their own, with little supervision, soon after joining on board unlike older employees who need to be educated about the different processes and systems that run the company. After all, it is the universal language spoken by all today that bridges gaps and the myriad of differences we all have.

The internet and the rise of social media has changed the terms of the free speech debate worldwide. There has always been bad information, propaganda, and disinformation deliberately put out to affect political outcomes. The traditional free speech defense has been the marketplace of ideas: if there is bad information, the solution is not to censor or regulate it, but to put out good information, which will eventually counter the bad. More information is always better. But it’s not clear that this strategy works so well in the internet age, when thousands of bots and trolls can amplify the bad messages without anyone knowing. The platforms’ business models exacerbate the problem with algorithms that optimize for virality and accelerate the rate at which conspiracy stories and controversial posts are passed along.


While many can’t help but rave about the perks of technology and the Internet of Things as a whole, it has its cons too. Perhaps, the world is not yet ready for all the implications of going all digital that society at large has some trouble reconciling our way of life and our over-dependence on tech gadgets and its implications to our lives. The Internet and Social Media stand out the most since they have the biggest direct impact to people and likewise can be immediately felt by everyone. Like everything else from the distant past until now, we can only keep on moving forward and learn from our mistakes because it is the only way to go. We’ll eventually iron out all the kinks and make better use of technology in running this planet without destructing ourselves first.

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