Going Green Is The Way To Go

The environment is suffering considerably from technological advancements. Aside from exploiting all its natural resources, we have also caused so much damage from excessive pollution, population explosion and increasing global warming that consequently increases carbon footprint and hastens climate change. Even the wildlife also suffers the most even if they aren’t directly responsible for all these destructions throughout the world.

The damage has already been done but it does not mean there is nothing more we can do to salvage what is left of the world’s resources. Many sustainable development programs target conservation efforts, the protection of the wildlife and fauna as well as reducing trash through the use of eco-friendly materials. Even businesses advocate for green business because we need everyone to pitch in and do their part if we want to save the planet.

The late Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman once said the social responsibility of business is to make a profit. He contended that anything businesses do to invest their money elsewhere detracts from the purpose of making money.  In that vein, businesses have often focused exclusively on making a profit.

Now that Earth Day is passed and gimmicky connections are over, it is time to get real. Businesses in the 21st century have a moral and corporate social responsibility to heed the protection of the environment.

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Businesses have more to lose if the world can no longer sustain the demands of society. Running a business require a lot of energy and physical resources that are growing scarce by the minute. The only way for our species to survive and flourish in the future is if we can curb our energy use and gradually undo the damage we have caused by changing our lifestyle.

A business doesn’t have to produce earth-friendly products to be a green business. News 12 Long Island‘s Elizabeth Hashagen takes us to one Plainview business that is minimizing it’s footprint on the environment in our Go Green series.

As Purity Products shows us, there are simple steps a business can take to make a difference. The Plainview company started in its kitchen by giving all employees mugs to cut down on paper cup usage. According to Earth911, the average American office worker goes through about 500 cups in just one year. Also in their kitchen, employees can use an ice maker with freshly filtered water or the Bevi machine, which has seltzer in a variety of flavors.

In 2013, Purity Products took on a green initiative project to change out all of the light bulbs in its warehouse and office to cut down on electric usage. As a result, the company saves about $15,000 a year in its electric bill.

(Via: http://longisland.news12.com/features/spring/go-green-environmental-friendly-business-1.13479914)

You’d be surprised at how some minor lifestyle changes can have a big impact on the world at large. Even cutting back on toilet flushing each day can save a lot of water or reducing TV hours or smartphone use can significantly reduce energy consumption.

“Everything has evolved, so there is not really an excuse to not help the environment,” he said. “At (D.O. Summers Dry Cleaners), we use an environmentally friendly cleaning system free of perchloroethylene. We’ve done this since the early 90s. It’s also gentler on the clothes.”

Matt Bursky, one of the owners of Cleveland Lighting, which is based in Northeast Ohio, said that for a company that focuses on light fixtures – going green with LED lighting has always made sense to him and has been valuable.

(Via: http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/features/business/going-green-can-save-environment-money/article_fdd8ccb2-2a96-11e7-9dff-8354b7f18693.html)

In this case, turning off lights in some parts of the house or building or making use of natural light in as much as you can both save you money from reduced electricity use and lower your energy consumption as well that benefits the environment over time. If individuals can make a difference in promoting a green and healthy environment, what more if a big business support this cause. Let us all be advocates of this positive change and make a conscious effort of changing our ways even when others are not looking. Nothing is impossible if we make a collective effort in achieving our goal, in this case, promoting all things green in everything we do.

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