Free Data Recovery Services In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

We live in a digital world that is dominated by all sorts of technology. From the time you arise to the time you retire to bed, you use various types of devices that are meant to make your life easier but somehow make it more complex too in the process. Such an irony is more obvious during phenomenon like natural calamities and disasters when the world’s normal order is broken and people are left to their instincts in order to survive. Although these events happen rarely, the fact that they do happen should be enough to keep everyone on their toes.

The US just recently experienced a major loss especially if you live in or anywhere near Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey hit it with such a force that left thousands homeless and millions of lives temporarily displaced until the authorities are able to sort things out and help in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the state. However, the federal government tries its best to provide for the basic and immediate needs of the people but it can’t always offer help on other equally important matters like in recovering the properties destroyed. Fortunately, help is given to those in need, especially the ones whose homes have been badly hit by the storm and costly gadgets like computers and laptops have been drowned in floodwater much to their owner’s dismay.

Losing a home and personal property to a flood is obviously traumatic, but some people will tell you that losing precious photos and videos can be even worse. Thankfully,  DriveSavers is stepping up and offering free data recovery services to Hurricane Harvey victims.  The company can recover data from broken phones and computers, even those that have been fully submerged in water. DriveSavers typically charges hundreds to thousands of dollars per phone or computer, depending on the complexity of the recovery.

In a press release, DriveSavers offered its services to those in Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi and all other areas hit by Hurricane Harvey and its continued rain. The company is limiting its services to one phone or hard drive per household.


Data recovery is a crucial service in the aftermath of a natural disaster like a hurricane where water is the biggest threat to the integrity of your tech gadgets. Let’s not forget how sensitive these gadgets are and you will likely lose all your important files after having them exposed to the harsh elements for days on end. The biggest hurdle of all is the expense associated with such a costly service like data recovery that is a major burden to people who are trying to rebuild their lives soon after surviving a disaster.

A Bay Area company is stepping in to help the thousands of people who lost their cellphones and computers during Hurricane Harvey.

Whether sitting in their homes or being slogged through deep water, tens of thousands of devices were inundated drowning their owners’ data, sentimental phots, and documents.

Novato-based Drive Savers is one of the oldest and most respected data recovery firms in the world. They can recover data from just about everything, including the data on the devices lost in the Houston floods. 


While it is true that many of us can’t live without our smartphones and other smart gadgets, you may not always remember it when you are fighting for your life against the elements especially if you try to evacuate in the midst of the storm where you are but a tiny piece vulnerable to everything out there. It’s a big blow to anyone, though, especially that we store countless files in these gadgets that can be gone in a snap during calamities.

All eyes are on Houston now and help is extended as well, not just by the government but even by those private organizations that have restored faith in humanity. Data recovery is just one of those things people do in order to move on but entirely recovering from such a devastation can go from months to years, which is why all types of help is appreciated by those who were left at the mercy of the elements when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with such a force that will forever be remembered in history.

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