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The New Data Access Plan From Facebook

The world revolves around the web right now. Access to the Internet is now a necessity and no longer the luxury that it once was a decade ago. Everyone just wants to be online to do all sorts of stuff, whether for work or leisure, there are simply a lot of things to do and there is no such thing as boredom anymore. Everybody is addicted to social networking sites and they share all sorts of information to their friends or even on public mode whether it be personal data or photos or videos of important milestones in their lives. It is a great way to stay connected with people who mean the most to them or even reconnect with people from …

New Trends In Web Design

Change is constant and we all have to learn to keep moving forward if we don’t want to be left behind. It’s simply the mantra we all must observe and adopt in our lives as we continue to embrace more modernity and tech advances that we only used to dream of in the past. Seeing how much the World Wide Web has exploded over more recent years, it is already a must to educate yourself about the way the web works since companies as well take their businesses online as most people are there all the time. First and foremost, you need to have your own website because it is the virtual gateway to everything that your business has to offer. Web …

New Media Rules

If there is one thing that is constant in our modern world right now, it is the presence and global influence of technology in every aspect of our lives regardless of what part of the world you live in. You use tech gadgets in your daily life whether for work or leisure. Young or old, you can’t just get enough of whatever technology has to offer. Older people have a hard time catching up with all these new technologies as they become more complex and tedious to do as the days go by. It is why the youth of today has an advantage over this aspect as they grew up at a time when technology is basically a staple in their life …

The Evolution Of The Arts

Many things have changed in our surrounding. Even us have changed too. Our lifestyle is no longer what it used to be and we behave differently as well. These changes happened gradually and mainly because of our continued exposure to technology. Wherever you look today, there are various tech contrivances designed to make our lives supposedly easier. However, it incurred additional expenses and headaches once things start to malfunction. This preoccupation with technology also has a major impact on various industries and mainstays in the society like the arts, for instance.

Nothing remains constant in this world. With major advancements in technology, it is bound to influence how people live their lives. And we all know that the arts are an expression …

Teaching Kids How To Code

Coding is the language of the future especially today that technology is the most widely used platform of everyone. The use of computers isn’t just optional anymore but a must in order to cope up with a quickly progressing society. Even kids are savvy in using smart gadgets and navigating the web, a technology unheard of or still a novel concept when most adults today were still young children. So, it is no longer surprising that kids are now being educated on coding to help them better understand the language of the future.

If you think about it, children getting an education on coding is practical considering that they will definitely be dealing with computers or a similar gadget whatever their line …

The Slow Death Of The Cable Industry

Most of you probably have fond memories growing up watching cable television. You no longer had to rent VHS on Blockbuster because you can watch all the coolest films on TV in the comfort of your own homes. You can even record your favorite shows or movies, so you can watch it over and over again whenever you like. And for several decades now, the cable industry had us in a firm grip. Our over fascination with sensational news, the entertainment industry, and reality TV got us seriously hooked to cable TV.

With the advent of the Internet, other legal online streaming options became increasingly accessible to us. You no longer have to pay for expensive cable TV when you can …

Audio Spy Protection From Kaspersky

People are obsessing over cybersecurity these days for a reason. However, there are also other aspects of technology that needs to be protected as well because the threats are just lurking by. It is true that no one is safe on the web regardless of the antivirus or firewall you have installed on your device. Cyber hackers will always find a way to break through your defenses and either steal your precious data or do something even more sinister.

You’d be surprised at what cyber criminals are capable of doing nowadays. It’s not just malware you have to worry about. Even your conversations can be stolen and used against you later on. It is what you call audio spying. Even ordinary …

Free Data Recovery Services In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

We live in a digital world that is dominated by all sorts of technology. From the time you arise to the time you retire to bed, you use various types of devices that are meant to make your life easier but somehow make it more complex too in the process. Such an irony is more obvious during phenomenon like natural calamities and disasters when the world’s normal order is broken and people are left to their instincts in order to survive. Although these events happen rarely, the fact that they do happen should be enough to keep everyone on their toes.

The US just recently experienced a major loss especially if you live in or anywhere near Houston, Texas. Hurricane Harvey hit it with such a force that left thousands homeless and millions of lives temporarily displaced until the authorities are able to sort things out and help in the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the state. However, the federal government tries its best to provide for the basic and immediate needs of the people but it can’t always offer help on other equally important matters like in recovering the properties destroyed. Fortunately, help is given to those in need, especially the ones whose homes have been badly hit by the storm and costly gadgets like computers and laptops have been drowned in floodwater much to their owner’s dismay.

Losing a home and personal property to a flood is obviously traumatic, but some people will tell you that losing precious photos and videos can be even worse. Thankfully,  DriveSavers is stepping up and offering free data recovery services to Hurricane Harvey victims.  The company can recover data from broken phones and computers, even those that have been fully submerged in water. DriveSavers typically charges hundreds to thousands of dollars per phone or computer, depending on the complexity of the recovery.

In a press release, DriveSavers offered its services to those in Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi and all other areas hit by Hurricane Harvey and its continued rain. The company is limiting its services to one phone or hard drive per household.


Data recovery is a crucial service in the aftermath of a natural disaster like a hurricane where water is the biggest threat to the integrity of your tech gadgets. Let’s not forget how sensitive these gadgets are and you will likely lose all your important files after having them exposed to the harsh elements for days on end. The biggest hurdle of all is the expense associated with such a costly service like data recovery that is a major burden to people who are trying to rebuild their lives soon after surviving a disaster. Continue reading “Free Data Recovery Services In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey”

iPad Failed To Deliver Its eBook Promise

Technology is all over our modern world. Wherever you look, there is some sort of modern tech contrivance that promises you the moons and the stars if you can afford to pay its high price tag. Our society has gone so far in terms of these technological advancements and it has basically changed the way people live today. Some people take it to a higher level by customizing their own tech.

When the iPad was launched, its makers from Apple dreamed of transforming the news and publishing industry through the app, The Daily. The Daily offers an interactive version of a news publication that features equally interactive videos, charts, and other tech treats along with superior journalism from high caliber reporters and …

The Other Side Of Youtube

In 2005, three buddies from Paypal introduced Youtube to the world. And since then, our lives have never been the same again. People can get lost in this video sharing site for hours because of a wide variety of interesting content you can watch for free at your convenience.

If you are a star at heart, you can even make Youtube as the platform for your stardom where you can regularly post videos on your channel and showcase your talents to the world. Aside from being free and sometimes helpful to society, one of the perks offered by Youtube is that you can make a career out of it. Famous Youtubers earn six-figures annually from ads placed on their channel. It …

Why SEO Doesn’t Always Work

Marketing is crucial to the success of any business. It helps promote a business using organic search engine results that in turn boost a site’s traffic, ranking and eventually brand awareness among the people. It is very helpful in setting your business apart from the competition in the global marketplace that has been open for everyone all over the world.

Since its inception, SEO or search engine optimization has been effective in getting businesses recognized. Competition in the global market is tough and the goal of all businesses is to be the first thing that comes to a person’s mind when they think of a brand in their industry they are in. While not all traffic converts to a sale, there is …

Water And Your Hard Drive – A Bad Mix

You are sitting at your computer working on an important project, unbeknownst to you, your air conditioner has been leaking water inside your ceiling. Bubbles are forming above your head, and splash! Gallons of water pour down, soaking you and your computer. Ok, I know, this scenario is highly unlikely. Instead, maybe you are sipping a cool beverage while working on an important document, and your toddler walks up to show you their favorite toy, tipping your drink over and into your computer. The point I am trying to make is, hard drives and liquids don’t make good company.
If you need to recover a hard drive that has been water damaged, check out Hard Drive Recovery Associates.

The question now remains, …