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Art For A Cause

Most people today do not take art seriously thinking that it is only done by people who have nothing better to do in life and have the luxury to waste time by indulging in interests and past times that aren’t globally relevant such as painting. Nobody takes a painter seriously. Well, most do but there are a few who understands the cultural (and economic) value of paintings to the world at large. If you look at our history closely, you’d learn (and realize) that paintings depict the state of the times. From ancient primitive life to today’s modern world, we learn a lot of things about life and the state of the planet from these paintings and other artworks. It can be …

Charities No Longer Seen As A Saving Grace

In times of adversity and disaster, people can’t always rely on themselves to provide for their needs. When a tragedy is so disastrous, the government often has to intervene and take charge and even third-parties like charitable groups and institutions pitch in to provide support. Many of these charities have evolved to become household names since they are usually the first to respond to disasters like the Red Cross but most are actually low-key and support civic groups and medical causes. For years, the citizens have looked up to them because they have saved many individuals and even communities from countless tragedies and helped them start anew and rebuild their lives.

However, there are many stories coming out now about the …

North Korea: Is There Really A Threat Of War?

For the longest time in history, many of us have been aware of the unending rift in the Korean Peninsula. North and South Korea never really signed a peace treaty or agreement, hence they are technically still at war with each other until today.  If you haven’t been living inside a hole in recent years, you are also probably aware how many times North Korea has captured the world’s attention because of its brazen acts that mostly revolves on nuclear development and testing and unending threats to everyone who will listen. As of late, it actually seemed as if the threats are finally becoming real. There is the likelihood of an impending World War III and it scared a lot of people, …

Is Your Christmas Tree Up?

Christmas is almost around the corner. You can sense it already. The wind is colder and many homes have started putting up Christmas decoration. Many are undeniably bitten by the Christmas spirit. Who‘d be able to resist it after all when it promotes nothing but positiveness, forgiveness, love, sharing, and good tidings and cheer. Most people’s fondest memories are that of Christmas maybe because the family is complete, making memories and eating together. The shopping is something some love, whereas others take to online shops to score great deals. Those who have issues learn to put their differences aside and simply celebrate the season without animosity and with only good thoughts for one another.

Aside from the food and the presents, …

Polar Reactions To Global Warming

We used to hear about global warming in the past but here we are right now living in the very moment we have long feared about. Well, we can mainly blame ourselves for this misfortune as it was our human activities that hastened its arrival more than anything else. The planet is getting hotter and hotter very quickly and there seems to be no stopping it yet we only notice its effects that matter to us like the unimaginable heat, natural calamities becoming worse than before, and many animals and plant life are disappearing as they don’t usually have the modern contrivances that help us beat the heat unlike them that are left to fend for themselves in the wild. Greenhouse gases …

The Media’s Role When Terrorists Strike

Terrorists love attention. Aside from their religious extremist views, capturing the attention of the world is what they live for the most. They love spreading hate and terror from people of all walks of life, especially in most progressive nations where their terror acts are highly frowned upon. News travels fast in an age where social media and the Internet rules. You can stay updated on current events in various corners of the world and even watch the story unfold in real time in front of your screen, whether on a laptop or your good old TV.

Aside from the web, the people hear these stories first from the media. Considered as the fourth estate, the media/ the press/ the print journalism

Devastating Amazon Destruction Continues

The world is filled with natural wonders that have been around for centuries. They often served as extensive ecosystems where various species thrived and coexisted (not always peacefully) for years. But as modern advancements continue to flourish, it has a negative impact on the natural world as technology takes the place of what used to be natural spaces, thereby displacing many animal species, contributing to pollution, and increasing our carbon footprint that hastens climate change. It’s a problem many folks are talking about.

Skyscrapers are all over big cities right now. Even nearby suburbs are transformed into sprawling residential communities to accommodate the world’s growing population. The need for natural and energy resources increases because there are more mouths to feed now, …

Social Media Use In Times Of War

Even though man has achieved so much over the years, conflict still reigns all over the globe. There is even the threat of an impending World War 3 as tension rises in various countries. And it is not just any war but a nuclear one at that. It’s as if we don’t have enough problems on our plate already when it comes to the environment and climate change. Chemical and nuclear warfare also causes a lot of damage to many of the world’s natural ecosystems.

In our everyday lives, we also witness first hand the wrath of regional political conflicts on hateful speech and videos we see on the web. Unlike in the past when the public isn’t really privy to war …

Giving Back To The Less Fortunate

The world has never been fair. Some people live in wealth while the majority suffer in poverty. Even with natural resources, some country has it all while food scarcity is a common issue in other impoverished places. And for that reason too, more powerful nations try to occupy territories to exploit their natural resources. However, that’s on a larger scale. When you look around you, you can see for yourself how unfair the world is. Many people die of thirst and hunger in their day-to-day. Is there anything you can do to make a difference in this world even in your own little way?

Individuals support fundraising and other charitable activities or as a part of a bigger organization. But businesses have …

Going Green Is The Way To Go

The environment is suffering considerably from technological advancements. Aside from exploiting all its natural resources, we have also caused so much damage from excessive pollution, population explosion and increasing global warming that consequently increases carbon footprint and hastens climate change. Even the wildlife also suffers the most even if they aren’t directly responsible for all these destructions throughout the world.

The damage has already been done but it does not mean there is nothing more we can do to salvage what is left of the world’s resources. Many sustainable development programs target conservation efforts, the protection of the wildlife and fauna as well as reducing trash through the use of eco-friendly materials. Even businesses advocate for green business because we need everyone