Audio Spy Protection From Kaspersky

People are obsessing over cybersecurity these days for a reason. However, there are also other aspects of technology that needs to be protected as well because the threats are just lurking by. It is true that no one is safe on the web regardless of the antivirus or firewall you have installed on your device. Cyber hackers will always find a way to break through your defenses and either steal your precious data or do something even more sinister.

You’d be surprised at what cyber criminals are capable of doing nowadays. It’s not just malware you have to worry about. Even your conversations can be stolen and used against you later on. It is what you call audio spying. Even ordinary people aren’t safe because criminals will likely find you a valuable target for whatever reason wherever in the world you live. When it comes to audio spying, you can never really tell when someone has planted an audio bug in your place because these gadgets are often so tiny you won’t immediately notice them even if they are planted in plain sight.

To help people protect themselves from the threat of audio surveillance, Russian security software firm Kaspersky Lab has developed a method to counteract unauthorised access to microphone data on Windows devices.

The patented technology filters internal commands sent to, or received by, the Windows Audio service and indicates the creation of each new audio stream by any application.

It then uses Kaspersky Lab’s ‘Application Control’ feature, which categorises all programmes depending on their reputation, content and manufacturer.

If it recognises that an ‘untrusted’ or ‘low/high restricted’ programme is trying to access the microphone, the request is immediately blocked, the company said on Thursday.

“When it comes to audio protection, the main difficulty in the development of this technology was the existence of an audio stream multiplexing system within Windows so that several applications can record sound simultaneously,” added Alexander Kalinin, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab.


This global Russian brand is known for providing anti-virus and cybersecurity products that are helpful in a digital world that can’t always be trusted. Don’t underestimate criminals because they catch up fast with the technology we have today and they develop ways on how they can make money on the web doing malicious attacks on innocent web users. This new technology launched by Kaspersky addresses audio cybersecurity that has long been ignored by virtually everyone out there.

Kaspersky’s efforts have been to master this through development of this solution that is able to exercise control on the commands between the different services within the Windows Audio service.

Kaspersky claims that this is a first of a kind solution and the company has included it in its flagship security solutions products in the ‘home’ use category. These products are called Kaspersky Total Solutions and Kaspersky Internet Security.

Some of the other solutions offered by the company include the protection from invasion of privacy while using the webcam and also from any attempt to gather data via the browser.

All these solutions are ultimately aimed at saving the user from any kind of data theft while using a device running on Windows. By patenting the technology and then offering it as part of its regular security solutions products, Kaspersky is trying to be offer much needed support to the customers.


With this technology in place, you no longer have to worry about unauthorized audio snooping on your mic. It is extremely helpful considering almost all houses own a computer now and you’ll never know when malicious third-party decides to invade your privacy through your PC’s microphone. It also works best because it filters internal commands and likewise prevents others from recording any other sounds from around the gadget. Kaspersky values user security, which is why the company makes it a point to develop technologies that uphold cyber security and prevent any malicious access to your digital accounts or devices. So, kudos to Kaspersky for doing a good job in protecting us and making money at the same time.

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